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Howyar SysReturn

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SysReturn is a software application that allows users to solve the problem of system management. Whether the computer encounters problems such as system crashes, file losses, virus attacks, accidental file deletions, and file damages, just restart your computer and everything will return to its original status immediately! SysReturn will instantly repair all the data and programs that are damaged or lost and allow users to work with the computer with a peace of mind.

Common computer malfunctions

  • Improper operation causing computer crash, system instability, accidental file deletion, file damages, and data loss.
  • Hard drive being intentionally formatted or FDISK.
  • Reduction of system efficiency, system malfunction, or disability to boot up PC.
  • Computer system or data being intentionally damaged by non-authorized users or virus attacks.
  • Inability to retrieve the files that are permanently deleted.

SysReturn Features

  • Instant recovery: Instantly recover all system information and data to the configured recovery point with simplest keystrokes.
  • Powerful system recovery and protection: SysReturn operates normally and allows system recovery even if the operating system is damaged and unable to log in.
  • Shield against Virus: No matter which kind of computer virus, worm that might infect your system, just execute the Recover command and return your system back to the state prior to virus infection. There is no need to worry about not updating the newest anti-virus code in time.
  • Easy installation: There is no need to reconfigure your PC before the installation.
  • Users will be able to enter the operating menu of SysReturn even before operating system loads up. Press the [Home] key when system loads up to enter SysReturn’s interface. You will be able to use the mouse to select the command you wish to execute under VGA 640×480 setting.

Howyar SysReturn

Product Benefits

SysReturn provides various benefits to meet the needs of each user.

1. Computer Lab:

Computer labs are public facilities and many users may not operate these public PCs with care. With daily usage by potentially untrained users, anything can happen to these PCs. For example, some users may accidentally delete files that are crucial to the operation of the computers. Some users may even deliberately damage these PCs with deadly viruses. These intentional or unintentional errors may cause public PCs fail to operate properly and require high maintenance.

Computer lab facilities are intended for students to fully utilize the technology and gain the knowledge without fear of usage. However, every student are at different computer knowledge, which creates different headaches for MIS staffs to maintain the status of these PCs. SysReturn is an ideal solution for technical staffs to maintain the condition of the systems. SysReturn creates a shield against damages caused by virus attacks or inappropriate usage. This will reduce the time and workload for MIS staffs to maintain the computer labs functioning in best condition.

2. Individual and Family User

Most of the households acquire one to two computers at home. These home PCs are usually not used for heavy-duty applications; home users often use PCs for surfing the Internet, checking emails, typing documents, or playing video games. Under the security of SysReturn, individual is able to use the computer freely and not worry about computer crashing, virus attacks or other family member deleting important information. SysReturn offers system protection and instant recovery that saves home users

3. Bring Peace of Mind to Computer Beginners

Technology can be intimidating for computer beginners sometimes. These users tend to be afraid of exploring the technology world because their lack of computer knowledge. SysReturn brings beginners peace of mind when experimenting and learning with the PC. SysReturn allows computer beginners to work on the PC without having to worry about accidentally deleting any important files or documentations. Other additional benefits include less system crashes, minimal need for service calls or technical supports, and eliminate the need for reinstalling operating systems and frequently used applications.

4. Best tools for Computer Experts

Computers of experts often become unstable and degrade in performance due the frequent installation and un-installation of applications and games. Even after such software programs are completely removed from the system, the PC might still not be able to return to the original performance. In extreme situation, computers could crash or experience system failure unexpectedly. The traditional solution to these problems is to reconfigure the computer, which for advance users, is time consuming. SysReturn’s simple recovery function restores the computer to its original state instantly, without any software’s orphaned programs. You do not need to reconfigure the computer whenever the performance has degraded. Whenever the users are happy with their system performance or install some programs that are necessary to use for a period of time, they can create a new recovery point based the current set up.

5. System Manufacturer

After PCs or notebooks are sold, peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and speaker are less likely to break down within the warranty period. Generally, most post-sales services involve customers’ own careless mistakes that damage the system. SysReturn can protect the data and operating system in the hard drive, therefore, reducing technical support’s service tasks and saving manufacturer’s customer service expenses.


SysReturn can only be installed on the primary hard drive.

1. Instant Recovery

Information of the hard drive is protected immediately after SysReturn is installed. SysReturn begins monitoring the hard drive performance at the master boot record section. If the hard drive records any updates, users will have options to save those changes as a new recovery point. If the updated information involves virus infection, loss of important data, or unwanted changes to the system, users may restart the computer for SysReturn to recover the computer prior to those unwanted changes occurred.

(1) Hard disk information recovery

Information on the hard drive is protected by SysReturn to prevent anything that creates undesired changes to the system.

  • When hard drive information is changed, SysReturn allows the system to recover back to the pre-configured status.
  • SysReturn provides multiple recovery points, which allows users to recover the system to any setup that is previously recorded as the recovery point. Users will be able to choose between different recovery points to their preferred systems environment.

(2) CMOS setting recovery

SysReturn automatically detects changes in the CMOS at start up. A message of notification will prompt the user if the CMOS configuration has been modified. Users have the option to either Recover (password not required), Save, or Analyze (password required) the system based on their access authority.

2. Top System Performance

SysReturn uses the most advanced technologies as its core development. The system performance will not be affected after installing the software. It is one of the most advanced products among the recovery software.

3. Monitor Hard Disk Space (Software version)

The “Space Usage” feature monitors a computer’s consumed and available disk space. User can freely set a warning point. The system will send out a warning message to users to update Primary recovery point when available disk space falls under the desired percentile.

4. “HD Space Dynamic Management” Technology

This breakthrough in the field of system-recovery technology, this technology can automatically adjust the hard disk space dynamically, allowing the hard disk to be used in the most practical and efficient way.

5. Password Management

Password management that allows administrators or users to operate and manage the systems. Command such as settings, recover, and create new recovery point will require users to enter the passwords before executing the commands. This will prevent unauthorized users to change the system setting.

6. SysReturn Parameter

SysReturn offers some parameter settings for the below-described functions:

  • Recovery mode
  • Available disk space alarm

  • Password setting

7. Install/ Uninstall

(1) Install Program

Installation program will check:

  • Operating System version number
  • Requirement of administrator password for login accessibility
  • Previous installations

(2) Uninstall Program

SysReturn will not damage the hard disk information after it is uninstalled. The information in the hard disk will return to the user’s predetermined recovery point. When you uninstall the SysReturn, you will need to input the passwords before you execute the uninstall command. There are 3 methods to uninstall SysReturn.

  • Press [Home] key to load the user interface under DOS command.
  • For Software version you may Right Click the SysReturn icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen and choose “Command Setting”. From the command list select “Uninstall”.
  • For Software version you may choose “Add/Remove Program” from Window’s “Control Panel” and select “SysReturn”.
Windows Supported: 7/8/10

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