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Our reseller partners in chronological order

  • DTI Data Inc., Data Recovery Software.
  • EuroMACC Kft., Billing Systems
  • Bechtle AG,  IT system integrator in Germany and Europe.
  • Young Jin Visual Technology Co. Ltd, System Recovery and Systemmanagement Software.
  • Schröer & Haag GmbH, IT Infrastructure, networking and Linux systems.
  • Toolhouse DV-Systeme GmbH & Co KG, Diagnostic Systems.
  • Trade Up Distribution GmbH, Software Distribution.
  • Stellar Information Systems Co Ltd, Data Recovery Software.
  • Stellar Data Recovery Services
  • Langmeier Software, Software Development.
  • O&O Software GmbH, Windows System Tools.
  • Chengdu Yiwo Tech Development Co Ltd., Data Recovery Software.
  • FNet Corp., Windows System Tools.
  • Hoyar Technologies Inc., Educational Software.
  • Elcomsoft Co. Ltd., Password Recovery.
  • Hex-Rays sa/nv., Decompiler, Disassembler.
  • KAL Software Ltd, Networking Platforms for ATMs.
  • PC Tools Ltd., PC Utilities und Internet Security.
  • Blueberry Software, Screenrecorder.
  • R-TT Technology, Data Recovery Software.
  • Nucleus Technologies, Data Recovery Software.
  • Innovative Solutions, System Utilities.
  • Paragon Software, Tools und System Utilities.
  • Digital Atlantic Corp., Data Recovery Tools.
  • Lepide Software Ltd., Tools for Active Directory Services.
  • Paraben Forensic Software Corporation
  • GetData Pty Ltd., Forensic Software
  • Passware Inc., Forensic Software
  • FSPro Labs, Forensic Software
  • Belkasoft, Forensic Software
  • Oxygen Software, Forensic Software
  • DeviceLock, Data Leakage Prevention
  • Falcongaze, Data Leakage Prevention
  • StarForce, Copy Protection
  • Guidance Software, Forensic Tools
  • Rusolut, NAND Adapter
  • TZWorks, Forensic Tools
  • Jingtum Blockchain Services
  • Compelson Labs, Forensic Tools
  • Toolbarstudio Inc., DeskAlerts IT Alarms
  • Exterro Inc. (previously AccessData), FTK Forensic Toolkit
  • Sumuri, Forensic Tools
  • DeskAlerts, Corporate Communication Tools