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About GSA

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Who We Are

German Sales Agency provides active sales service to foreign IT companies which intend to sell their software products and services on the German market. We already do provide a wide range of software products in sectors like data security or IT forensics.

Your Sales Agent in Germany

The agency offers a wide variety of marketing activities and acts as a permanent commercial representative in Germany specialized in software products. We are your sales agent in Germany who cares for your products.

Our Philosophy

Personal presence on the targeted market cannot be replaced by any medium. Concentration on sales activities is the most important key factor for business success.

Your Benefits

  1. A cost effective opportunity to come to Europe’s largest market under the assistance of an experienced sales team.
  2. A fair compensation schedule only shows a small lump sum for marketing expenses and a small commission on sales settled by German Sales Agency or just one of the above.
  3. A long term sales experience and contacts to IT resellers as well as to the industry are the basis for a successful partnership.


Your Products in the Focus of German Customers


Personal Contacts

No matter who your targeted customers are, we will contact them and arrange meetings with decision makers.

Sales Support

Pre sales and after sales support enhance existing sales channels.


Software products need to adapted to the targeted market. Also packaging, manuals, license agreements, promotional PDFs, etc.

Online Activities

In case you run an online shop, we offer translation services and first level support. Sales fulfilment and collection could be handled according to the German markets requirements.

Commercial Representative

An overall representation of your company or a certain range of your products in the German market is to be discussed. We are constantly seeking for competitive products to be sold on commission basis. A fiduciary collection of consigned goods sold in Germany can be handled in accordance to legal guidelines under control of the German Chamber of Commerce.